EC Code of Conduct

In standing for the position of EC Committee Member an individual indicates their willingness and ability to serve the membership through their continuous efforts throughout the forthcoming year.

There is an expectation that role holders will :

  1. Have a suitable allocation of time each week to work on behalf of the organisation
  2. Log on to the EC forum a minimum of twice per week and respond to any active threads therein
  3. Check their email daily and respond to any matters requiring urgent attention
  4. Be an active participant in any topics of discussion
  5. Attend a monthly conference call with the rest of the Committee
  6. Make themselves available for face to face meetings 3-4 times per year, normally co-inciding with major events in the GSDL calendar
  7. Actively seek to drive improvements within the GSDL organisation and IGP sport in the UK
  8. Undertake specific responsibilities as agreed with the other EC Committee Members