Report of 2010 Selection Trial

WUSV 2nd Selection Trial, 17th & 18th April 2010

Well there’s an old welsh saying that one man’s volcanic ash is another man’s judging appointment. Yes the weekend that Europe came to a stand-still coincided with our second W.U.S.V. trial, hence Dieter Schmale could not travel and yours truly was drafted in to judge.

As I arrived at the club ground I was very impressed. The W.U.S.V. flag and National flags were flying, and the field looked superb.

The clubhouse was busy with Severnside members ensuring everyone was fed and watered.

This trial was one of the best organised I have ever been to.

The tracking draw kicked started the event followed by the temperament test.

We then went to the Tracking fields.

Heartfelt thanks to Gavin Smith and Gary Kakhian who laid eighteen tracks in a professional manner as per the SV guidelines.

Overview of the Tracking A

V = 1
SG = 7
G = 4
B = 1
M = 5

Only one team hit the excellent:
Henriette Bohnstedt with Beckenberry Casper 96 (V)

Which was surprising as the tracking land was short lush pasture. There were many teams who managed an SG some missed articles, but it was a general lack of intensity and commitment where most of the points were lost.

Overview of the Obedience B

V = 0
SG = 4
G = 7
B = 4
M = 2

I must start by mentioning the members of the group in the heelwork pattern, at no point was I kept waiting they were always in position before the dog took the left turn towards them and their discipline was constant throughout the seventeen rounds of obedience. The same can be said of Phil Sergent who fired the gun shots, ensuring that every dog had the same test.

I was looking for a team who worked with precision, speed, and a harmonious relationship between dog and handler. Many teams achieved this in individual exercises but would then lose several points on one or two exercises.

Dougie Bannerman and Carmen had a High in trial 93(SG) points

If I could have changed anything it would have been to cut my critiques down and possibly I should have asked for a steward for the dog in the long down under distraction.

Overview of the Protection C

V = 0
SG = 6
G = 7
M = 2
B = 2

As is customary I have to start off with the two helpers Danny Roberts and Saul Wolsencroft. From beginning to end the work was exemplary the attacks and re-attacks were fast and explosive the drives put the dogs under pressure. They worked every dog without fear or favour, regardless of its individual strength and speed. Both were strong and fit enough to cope with all seventeen dogs.

I would also like to praise the standard of the handling in the protection; there were very few Handler errors and very few extra commands. Most of the points were lost in the quality of the grips and a lack of control.
Unfortunately there were no excellent scores though Geoff Tordoff and Bandit came very close with his High in trial 95(SG) points.

Looking at the overview I may have been a little generous with some of the SG`s awarded but I had a very clear idea of where I would place the dogs.

For me the dog that is fully committed to the combat bites full with a hard grip and guards as though he means it deserves the SG.

On behalf of all the people who attended the trial I must thank all the Ladies in the café who worked non stop on the Sunday to keep the large crowd fed.

A special thank you to Linda Gammon who prepared all the score books certificates, and “bewrtegungliste” (don’t ask your better off not knowing what it is) in a timely and correct manner.

Finally I would like to thank all the Handlers who accepted all my decisions in the spirit of the sport.

Although I was a last minute replacement I still felt incredibly proud and humble to have been allowed to judge this trial. I fully appreciated that handler’s hopes and aspiration to make the UK team were at stake.

My old friend Don Harrison used to say
“A trial lets you know where you are at in your training”
I hope that when individual handlers look at the results they will see where they are at in their training.

By Jim Jackson