Judge’s List


Gavin Smith
Tel: 01993 841481
Mobile: 07796 670356

Jim Jackson 
Axminster Devon
Tel: 01460 220343
Mobile: 07952 773301
Email: jimjackson@icloud.com

Henriette Bohnstedt 
Tel: 01732 300328
Email: hbohnstedt@btinternet.com

Dougie Bannerman 
Tel: 01560 323212
Email: jarobsportdogs@aol.com

Philip Sergent
Tel: 07931 358 990

Gary S Khakhian
Tel: 07831 127 537

Julie West 
Email: julie@silverstorm.co.uk

Apprentice Judges

Dean Banks

Brief Guidance for Invitation of SV Judge (Non-GSDL WDG)

If a host club wishes to invite an SV judge to officiate a trial, you should initially contact the GSDL-WDG Event Co-ordinator to confirm that your event is approved. Once this has been confirmed, contact Carole Lister (Secretary of the GSDL) to request that she contact the judge with an invitation. Alternatively, the host club may contact the judge with an invitation to judge, and then agree a date.

Once agreed, the SV must authorise the release of the judge, for which a fee is payable. As from 1 January 2014, an application at least 8 weeks before the event, the fee for the authority is €150. The fee for an application made with a period of 8-4 weeks before the event is €300.

A request for the release must be made to Carole Lister who can be contacted on Tel 01630 638 540 or by Email carolelister21@gmail.com.  The host club will be informed of when the release is granted and also advised of the fee in £GBP, which will have to be paid to Carole Lister as reimbursement.