Severnside Schutzhund Club

17th / 18th November, 2012

Judge: Richard James (GSDL-WDG)


HandlerDogPass or Fail
John WestwoodDornholz DragoPass


1Philip SergentFlash vom Steinteich959098283
2Evie MeechanRafpol Ascari1009383276
3Mark BorehamProjay’s King978690273
4Dave StaffordArgonne Fern988080258


1Barry HutchisonJacciads Axl818287250
2Ron WhiteArgonne Deena797890247
3Shirley HutchinsonMascani Ikon787785240
Percy GreenLyfame Diesel727065%


1Shirley McIverArgonne Comet838588256
2Karen KhakhianBordermere Coco Chanel767288236

Judge’s Report by Richard James (GSDL-WDG)

I would like to thank the Severnside club for inviting me again to judge their club trial, with 11 entries, 10 of them IPO in a club event it is a credit to the club and its members.

The tracking fields were very wet after the normal Welsh weather and in some areas waterlogged but with some fancy footwork from the tracklayers we managed to get the tracks down with only very small areas of the tracks affected by the standing water.

Ten dogs to track, 4 in IPO 1

All four tracked very well with 3 excellent and a high very good, star of the day was Evie and Scara with 100, all the dogs in this grade applied themselves very well with only minor issues caused by the conditions.

Four dogs in IPO 2. First 2 dogs Barry with Cody and Percy with Deisel showed us tracks of two halves with both dogs suddenly coming into correct tracking after finding the first article. Both qualified.  Shirley with Ike had very difficult conditions but the dog applied himself well and only found real difficulty in locating the first article and the second corner, finding the last article was a relief to us all as he needed it to qualify.  Ron with Deena -tracking was absolutely super and faultless but no articles recovered and the new rules apply 79 points max.

Two dogs in IPO3. Both dogs applied themselves well in the more difficult conditions. Shirley with Thunder had to cross what seemed to be a small river running through the middle of the field.  Karen with Cheeta found the conditions difficult but never gave up resulting in all the dogs qualifying in tracking.

With the one dog in BH, John with Carlo showing a very tidy routine, Saturday was complete with all dogs still in the game.

Sunday morning with frost on the ground the I P O dogs then came for their obedience with varying performances. Notable rounds from Phil with Flash showing excellent drives from beginning to end and Evie with Scara were the highlights of the obedience. Evie’s handling showing a maturity far above her age (eighteen on the Saturday).

Other general comments are that the handling continues to improve with much fewer handling errors than a few years ago and the general standard of the retrieving is improving. The down at the end of the sendaway proved to be a costly exercise for the majority of the participants.

Then on to protection work with a very experienced helper showing correct club trial work from first to last, every dog given the opportunity to show its natural drives and training.

The star of the day Phil’s dog Flash showing excellent drive for protection work with speed, power, super barking, guarding and control made it was an easy excellent.

In the rest of the protection work in general we witnessed some very good grips and drive for the sleeve but to make the higher points the out transition phase, the guarding and more precise control is needed.

As usual the critiques were given in an attempt to educate for the future to both the handlers and the spectators and we closed the event nice and early to allow people plenty of time for their journeys home.
I would like to thank helper, tracklayers and kitchen staff and trial officials for their usual high standards and wish you all best for the future

RA James